We worked together with Brana Dane for a photoshoot in New York this Year. Here we want to introduce you to a very talented person:

Brana Dane is an accomplished model and artist. As an artist she has had her works exhibited in multiple galleries including the Tribeca Art Factory (as seen on Pix 11 news) and the Greenpoint Gallery.
In addition to Dane’s career as an artist, she expresses her creative talents as one of the most versatile models in NYC. Having walked at Lincoln Center for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Gotham Hall for Style Fashion Week, she succeeds as both a runway and editorial model. She has been featured in Elléments Magazine, for the editorial “Golden Shadow” in addition to editorials for Vigore Magazine and has been featured in Italian Vogue three times. Career highlights include walking for designers Michael Costello, Paul Mitchell, Shalini, Mirandree, Hope Davis and Saenai, among others. In 2015, she obtained her first sponsor, Lawless Accessories.
As a continuation of skills learnt as a model, Dane has already taken the position of art director, producing her own shoots for designers including her handbag sponsor, Lawless Accessories and garment designer Alissa Chapman.
Background photo: Peter Lueders
Art photo / Art collaborator: Sandy Ramirez

Here is the Interview with Brana Dane:

Hi Brana, you are a successful model in New York. Above all/especially you are an artist – How did you develop these talents?
As a child I was regularly taken to the ballet, opera and museums. My mother even hung Salvador Dali on our walls at home. This surely fostered my appreciation for artistic expression. Furthermore my grandmother was a successful watercolorist, later publishing an instructional book teaching beginners to paint photo realistically. I believe this to be the source of any talent I may posses.
As a model you are frequently on the on road (tour)! How do you connect these two worlds of art and runway?
Painting and modeling utilize the same basic skill set of perspective, scale, experimentation and precognition of what will make an effective image. The tool your using may be different, but you have to have the artistic eye to succeed at either profession.
You live and work in New York. Where do you display your art?
My art is currently on display on my website Branadane.com. I have an upcoming show at the experimental 3Squared Gallery in Chelsea. Past shows include the Greenpoint Gallery and the Tribeca Art Factory, as seen on Pix 11.

What do you love most about your profession?
There are so many things I love about my work. The people I meet through my profession are priceless and true artists. The sense of collaboration between talented individuals working towards a common goal is one of the best feelings. Everyday is something new and different to discover. Modeling combines business, beauty and art which at times is not easy but it’s always worth the effort.
What does Brana Dane wish for her future?
I wish to be able to continue what I am doing on an increasingly larger scale in order to acheive the most impact. At the same time, I hope to retain and increase my reputation and goodwill within the industry. Something I have enjoyed quite recently is creative directing. I would like to explore this more.
How would you describe your art?
My art is full of motion. Whether painting an abstract or representational piece of art, I always want to keep the eye interested by imbuing my pieces with a sense of motion.
From where do you take your inspiration?
My inspiration comes from the world around me and the emotional reaction it creates within me. I am particularly drawn to interesting faces and unique combinations of color. Definately emotions such as love, despair and joy motivate me as well.
How do you put these two worlds of the modeling business and art together?
Something beautiful happens when you combine art and business. Under the best circumstances it has the ability to bring about new ideas and innovation. It will test your determination but that only makes you a better artist ultimately.
You are a charismatic person with so many talents. Which of your passions are most important to you?
I cannot choose! All of what I’m doing seems to somehow work together. I also do interviews and write articles on art, fashion and style for YRB Magazine, and other publications, which goes hand in hand with the rest of my passions. It is just another opportunity to explore the things I care about from a more objective perspective. This is a uniquely beneficial undertaking in this manner.
Thank you Brana for the Interview!!!